• Why choose exterior landscape lighting?


    Have confidence as your family and friends walk along walkways and pathways at night. Exterior landscape lighting adds essential safety to your home walkways and garden by increasing visibility along pathways and stairways, and helps reduce dark spots and shadows.


    Exterior lighting is a good investment for the safety and security of your family or business. Most burglaries occur at night and having a well-lit home or business is an excellent and proven deterrent for burglary and vandalism.


    Exterior lighting will add dramatically to your landscape design and aesthetics. The illumination of the home plantings and hardscape will create a beautiful night time ambiance surrounding your property.

  • Why low-voltage vs. high-voltage lighting?

    • The price of installing a low-voltage lighting system is approximately half that of high voltage landscape lighting.
    • Operating a low-voltage system is typically pennies a day. High voltage lighting is exponentially higher to operate as opposed to low voltage lighting.
    • Low-voltage systems are safe around children and pets. There is no chance of a high-voltage shock from our system.
    • Our lighting installation process does not require the trenching of your lawn. We only make a small incision into your lawn that will heal quickly.
    • The fixtures we use are smaller and more decorative than bulky high-voltage lighting. Our exterior lighting fixtures are designed to blend into your landscape, so as not to become a focal point.