Irrigation Service

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Installing an automatic sprinkler and lawn irrigation system removes the hassles of dragging a hose around and watering your lawn and gardens by hand. A D&T Landscape Irrigation installation ensures that your lawn will be lush, dense and green and that your gardens will be healthy throughout the growing season.

For over 30 years, D & T Landscaping & Irrigation has been specializing in designing, installing and maintaining water-saving irrigation systems in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis & St. Paul) area. A properly installed and maintained irrigation system helps make your yard maintenance free and enhances the appeal of your home thereby increasing its value.

Irrigation Services

  • Installation of New Systems
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Repair of All Brands
  • Audits Of Existing Systems
  • Water Saving Upgrades and Retrofits
  • Tracing of Mainlines and Wires for Repair
  • Service for ‘orphan systems’ Installed by Others


If I have existing grass will the new sprinkler installation destroy my lawn?
No. Our state of the art lawn sprinkler installation machinery will pull the piping underground creating only a slit in the lawn. These incisions are barely visible from the street. Once the installation is complete and the watering begins, your lawn will start to heal and any markings will be healed within three to four weeks.
How can I be sure to obtain a well-designed and reliable system?
Our sales team has a combined 50+ years experience in the irrigation industry. You can feel confident that they will design a sprinkler system to meet all of your watering needs. Since 1980, we have installed and continue to service over 1,000 systems.
At D&T, we use text book irrigation design based on head to head coverage. Our sprinkler systems are created to withstand a drought in the hot summer months.
Our sales team and project foreman will irrigate your landscape, taking into account sun exposure, grade issues (lower areas should be watered less), and we will make sure your plants and grass are watered on separate zones (grass requires more water than plants).
The products we install have been extensively field tested and found to be the most reliable in the industry. D&T stands behind all products with a complete parts and labor guarantee.
We use Hunter Industries brand irrigation and sprinkler products. If you have any questions involving the brands and products we utilize, please contact us.
What are the advantages of owning a lawn sprinkler system?
You will not need to worry about over-watering. The system works on a timed cycle and will turn off when completed. We are now using the newest technology. The Hunter Solar Sync Sensor will automatically adjust controller watering, saving you time and money on your water bill.
There is no need to drag around hoses. You will feel confident that your lawn/plantings will always be watered, even if you are not at home. Landscaping is delicate and expensive. Owning a sprinkler system will insure that the lawn, flowers, shrubs and trees receive the correct amount of water on a consistent basis. Thus, your landscape investment will be protected.
When is the best time of year to install a lawn sprinkler and how long will it take to install?
Anytime between April 1st and the end of November would be a great time to install. Most residential sprinkler systems are completed in one day. If your property is very large and/or weather conditions are poor (heavy rain or snow), additional time may be needed.
If I am building a new house, when should the system be installed?
We pride ourselves in excellent communication with builders, landscapers, and homeowners on each new project. The chronological order for your landscape development is as follows:
1. Rough grade — Dirt on property
2. Hardscaping — Install driveway, sidewalks, deck/patio, pool, fencing, etc.
3. Planting — Trees, shrubs
4. Fine grading — Smooth topsoil (ready for sod/seed)
5. Sprinkler system installed
6. Flowers, Sod/Seed